Up Lifting Accessibility Solution for Curved Stairs

Steve’s bought himself and his family a big house with a nice suite upstairs for his mother-in-law. His plan was to have a stairlift installed for her. But the curved stairs could not be addressed with a conventional and more affordable straight stairlift: The one staircase branches out to both the foyer and the kitchen on the first floor, and to both sides of the second floor, with quite a few turns and a couple of intermediate landings.

The BRUNO Elite CRE-2110 installed by 101 Mobility is a perfect fit. This is the most comfortable and the nicest looking chair, and the best ride too: Engineered and fabricated in the USA, with proven reliability over decades.

1) BRUNO is usually quite cost competitive if the turns are standard 90-degree or 180-degree turns

2) The “Champagne” powder coated rail blends nicely with most walls it is installed next to.

3) For the best price, BRUNO also offers the best chair on the market: This is not what BRUNO says; this is what our customer say after testing stairlifts in our showroom in Houston. More than 4 out of 5 prospective buyers prefer the look and the comfort of the Elite chair compared to the other lifts they try.  

4) The BRUNO Elite offers an unmatched 400-lb weight capacity. Not everyone needs this capacity but guess what: This is the sturdiest lift. If you only need 200-lb capacity, you will use the lift at 50% of its power and it will last a life time. Not to mention the safety margin! Safety is paramount.

Steve’s mother-in-law now enjoys the direct flights from the kitchen to her suite over the 19 stairs and 4 turns. She does not even need to swivel at the top thanks to a 6-foot overrun that takes her away to a safe distance from the top of the stairs.

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