The Perfect Combination for your Pickup Truck

Darryl is wheelchair bound. Should this prevent him to buy himself a new pickup truck? No, if he could get it equipped with the ideal combination of mobility equipment. Indeed, he bought himself a nice 2017 F150 Super Crew, and turned it in to 101 Mobility. 101 Mobility installed two pieces of equipment in his pickup truck:

1) A turning auto seat to take him from/to the transfer height of his power chair (outside the vehicle, by the driver’s door) to/from the driver position, inside the cab.
2) A wheelchair lift to put the wheelchair away onto the bed of the truck; and to take it back from the bed of the truck to the ground, next to the driver door.

The Turning Auto Seat (TAS) is a VALET PLUS by BRUNO Independent living Aids (Model VSS-2602). Bruno’s Valet Plus power turning auto seat rotates, extends and lowers to the individual needs. It features a 370-lb weight capacity, a vertical travel distance that fits most pickup trucks and can be installed either on the driver or on the passenger side. It comes with a matching fabric or leather upholstery, and a 3-year warranty.

The wheelchair lift is an OUT-RIDER (Model PUL-1100HD). This lift is engineered by BRUNO to be mounted just behind the cab, on the driver side. It transfers the wheelchair between the ground by the driver’s door, and the bed of the pickup truck. It is operated from the driver’s seat. For this application, we picked the HD version with a 350-lb weight capacity to lift Darryl’s massive power-chair. It also comes with a 3-year warranty.

101 Mobility Houston did all the installation work, the programming and the training at their location on Beltway 8, in Houston (between W Little York and Tanner). This is a two-day operation, typically.

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