The Lifton Duo Home Elevator: Freedom and flexibility

David is so happy with his new home elevator: He invites all his neighbors and friends to come see and try his new toy. He also caught the attention of the homeowner association. The HOA is concerned about the people leaving the neighborhood because they can’t manage their stairs anymore: The next community’s newsletter will feature the LIFTON Duo as a solution to stay in the home.

The LIFTON Duo has many benefits:
– with a footprint of less than 9 square feet, it can fit in many small spaces. No other home elevator has a smaller footprint.
– it does not require a shaft, which saves space and reduces installation cost
– it has got a battery back up: In case of power outage, it can be used to exit the house in an emergency, for instance
– completely transparent, it lets the light through; if visible, it is just gorgeous to look at
– it take only a couple days to install and run on a regular outlet

The car travels between two vertical rails connecting the first floor with the ceiling of the second floor. When going up, it completely clears the first floor, but for the two vertical rails. Same on the second floor when the car is on the first floor. With the remotes, you can send the lift up or down to the other floor if you prefer to enjoy the free space.

With 374-lb capacity, it carries two people between floors in about 30 seconds. Many safety features ensure the safety of the users and others: When going down, for example, the lift stops right away when the bottom of the car comes in contact with any obstruction such as an object or a person on the first floor.

LED lights provide an clear, cost efficient lighting with a very modern touch to this home elevator.

We just love it!

LIFTON also offers the larger Trio that can acomodate a wheelchair, with a 485-lb weight capacity. The Trio can come in a straight-thru or same-side on/off configuration.


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