A Wheelchair and a Porch? The Solution is in the Ramp.

Aluminum Modular Ramp Installation in The Heights, TX

Liza likes her porch very much.

Her house is slightly elevated, which is a good thing in Houston: She kept dry during the latest flooding episodes we experienced in 2015 and 2016. However, it becomes a real problem when one is wheelchair bound, even temporarily, which is what happened to Liza.

Liza keeps enjoying her home and her porch even after the accident; she can still go in and out of her house as she desires, thanks to the modular ramps she rented from 101 Mobility. We were able to make it accessible both to her, from her driveway, and to walking visitors, from the front gate. At first, Liza thought she would need them for three months only. Unfortunately, she went through several surgeries and she had to keep them a little longer. No problem.

The 3-ft wide modular wheelchair ramp system comes in sections of three to eight feet, allowing all kind of combination. Landings and turning platforms use 4×5 and/or 5×5 platforms. Both ramp sections and platforms are made of aluminum and come with handrails.

Aluminum is as great material for ramps:

  • Aluminum wheelchair ramp withstand the weather like no other material.
  • No need for maintenance like wooden ramps.
  • No corrosion = no reddish stains resulting from the rust that comes with steel ramps.

Easy to assemble and o take down: they are eligible to our rental program.

Wooden ramp may look nice, but are much more labor intensive. For this reason, they are not an option for temporary needs. For longer term needs, they are also much more maintenance intensive: Nail popping, replacement of board, protection treatment (toxic products) and painting are typical. Most wooden ramps have to be replaced after a few years in the weather, while aluminum is maintenance-free and for life.

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